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HMS Managing Hospital Activities


HMS Managing Hospital Activities

Alef Healthcare Management System (HMS) provides a smooth functioning of your core hospital functions that makes it simple to do tasks including patient registration, invoicing, insurance claim filing and reconciliation, clinical recording, inventory management, and emergencies.

Improved controls and integrated access to data can also help your employees collaborate more effectively, which will boost their efficiency and productivity and result in improved clinical outcomes.

 It saves time by offering records of all actions taken by users to expedite all admission procedures.

The system could be connected to the manager app to facilitate reviewing all reports

System Features

  • The program is biolingual
  • User permissions: The system administrator can add or define users' authority
  • The program is designed according to the standards set by the World Health Organization
  • Bed Reservation Services: Room reservation and beds ability
  • Clinic services: leaves for home, and electronic medical reports
  • Possibility of linking with insurance services
  • Add an ambulance record
  • Manage all hospital doctors' affairs (specialties, departments, and doctors' schedules)
  • Consult doctors: writing and editing prescriptions.
  • Clinical Features: Medical reports, and patient’s record, managing accounts, stores and bills.
  • Hospitality management: Nursing 
  • Patient Administration and Reception Management: patient bookings, and appointments, 
  • Pharmacy and Inventory: (Adjustments, Transfers, Indenting)
  • Easy scheduling and confirmations
  • Managing the blood-bank inventory
  • Financial Cycle Management: (Payroll, E-invoice, debt/credit, Balance sheet)
  • Laboratories

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Clinc Features


Patient Administration



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