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How to choose your Online Store name that’s right reflects Your Business

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How to choose your Online Store name that’s right reflects Your Business

How do you come up with your online store name is a question that everyone faces when they first launch their online business.

A name may be based on a old greek goddess, such as Nike, or it may indicate the company's area of expertise, such as Toys 'R' Us. It may be a brand-new term like Spotify or have a hazy definition like Apple.

The name you choose for your business carries a lot of weight. It encapsulates your brand's narrative, informs them about your goods, and must stick in the minds of your potential customers.

So, why choosing the appropriate brand name is crucial?

You have to recognize that your store name serves as an introduction to clients. Every time customers engage with your store, they will make reference to it.

The store name makes an impression that sticks. It might be entertaining to read a list of funny companies’ names, but the unfavorable effects of a terrible store name could be fatal!

So the memorable names could shape the difference between a company's audience being hooked or losing its audience in the throng. It seems that choosing the right name for your online business would be difficult given all the responsibility involved, but the good news is that we'll lead you through this article for the best techniques to brainstorm, and how to come up with a store name.


We will lead you in this article through the following:

  • How to pick a store name that suits your business
  • What to do next after choosing a sore name
  • Why creating a Brand Name Is Important


Be aware of the challenges involved in name selection before you start the naming process.

Branding expert Jonathan Bell describes seven different sorts of brand names in his TED Talk, "How to Create a Great Brand Name"

Is it eponymous, descriptive, acronymic, suggestive, associative, non-English, or abstract..

These brand name categories might serve as useful starting points for you as you begin the process of branding your company.


Consider the value proposition of the store as you brainstorm names for it. In other words, how your business adds value and outperforms its rivals Your brand's name may improve your value offering and establish expectations for clients.


It's not just about how to come up with a brand name; it's also about how that name performs under different circumstances, such as:

  • How descriptive is the name? Does it have the air of a company?
  • Is the name memorable or appealing?
  • Is it easy to read and spell?
  • Will the name stick around? Is it trendy, but not so trendy that in five years it will seem dated?
  • Does this name in any way aid in search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • Is it true to your company?
  • Does the name appeal to your target audience?
  • Does your name translate well into other languages?

It's okay if your name doesn't meet every requirement. It may not be an easy name to pronounce, but it accurately reflects your company's character and ideals. For your little business, SEO could be essential, but for another eCommerce store, being remembered might be crucial.


While creating your store name consider the following Factors as a starting point and a guide only:

  1. Start by Branding

Have you established the personality, tone, and placement of your brand as well as your store? Is your business whimsical or practical? For the daring or the conservative?

Do some research to narrow down your target market. Your brand name should change if you are targeting millennials as opposed to baby boomers since they will approach marketing differently.

The greatest place to start when naming your store is with your brand identity.


  1. Find Your Name Criteria

Specify the goals you have for your brand name. What emotion are you trying to evoke? For instance, the word Patagonia has a distinct vibe than Google.

Choose a certain emotion you want your store name to evoke based on your branding. Write it down so you have a clear objective in mind and something to subsequently compare your thoughts against.

Also, list any additional requirements that are significant to you, such as original products or fast shipping.

Make these standards broad and not overly specific. Don't be creatively constrained. However, being aware of your objectives will aid you in the process.


     3. Start Brainstorming

Get inventive now is the time. Depending on what works best for your company, there are many different methods to conduct a brainstorming session. Perhaps you and your team would like a more disciplined way to workshopping your greatest ideas than an unstructured meeting to discuss ideas. 

  • Try your hand at thinking up names for each of the previously stated categories. Consider branding or word association activities.
  • Look at the stores in your category or the ones you admire. Putting together this list of pertinent store names might inspire you.
  • Look at the names of your niche rivals. That will not only point you in a different path, but it may also serve as motivation to be more imaginative than your rivals.

Instead of using words, try thinking in pictures. You may experiment with different typefaces, play around with logo designs, and see if a colour scheme inspires you. Coca-typeface Cola's has a distinct vibe from Uber's. Or perhaps a slogan like Amazon's "A to Z" promise will serve as your source of motivation.

Visualizing your store name will help in becoming more plausible and you can see how it may appear in different situations.

Don't be too harsh on yourself. You can stumble onto your ideal brand name by following a simple concept.


    4. Apply Tools

The tools are readily available on the internet. Try thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, or this naming guide from Onym

These resources can serve as excellent inspiration sources. However, there are still accessible for other businesses. You don't want to overlap with anybody or have a store name that seems like it was generated before


How To Find Out if the store Name Is Already Taken

It might be difficult to think of an original brand name. To avoid falling in love with a name that is already a trademark or doesn't have a domain accessible, it's a good idea to start checking early in the process.


     5. Ask for Help

With the aid of an audience, you may begin to eliminate names after casting a wide net of possibilities. That may be close friends, relatives, coworkers, or clients.

To observe how your prospective names are received, think about conducting some audience testing. It's possible that you're excluding some connotations or meanings that you don't want linked with your brand.


Choosing the Right Name

Once you've whittled down your selections to a manageable number, it's up to you to decide how to pick a store name that ideally describes your business. Does it meet the requirements you first outlined? Does the name seem to match the situation?.. Only a business owner can provide an answer to these queries.

Although choosing your company's name is a significant decision, don't base your company's success only on it. No matter what your name is, clients will follow you if you provide high-quality items or services.

Choose what feels right, or at least like a fit that you can be happy with When the time is right, put your company's best interests first and let the name process go.


After Naming Your Business, What Comes Next?

It's time to put your newfound expertise in brand naming into practise now that you've mastered it.

Make the decision to trademark your name and start immediately. 

Start building your online presence through social media.

Your store name can serve as a real store listed on App Gallery, Apple and google stores

The brand of your store will endure for as long as it exists. Therefore your social media presence is important

To spark your imagination, try to be innovative and employ several brainstorming sessions. Try out several names until you find one that seems good for your business.


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